7 Facebook Marketing tips for business that actually work

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Instagram and Snapchat have become the new cool tools for the youth! Facebook seems to have taken a back seat in favour of the new kids on the block. However with about 1.09 billion people logging in daily, Facebook still remains the most popular social network. Needless to say that Facebook was the pioneer in launching ads, which has become a benchmark for the other social sites. Irrespective of the new upcoming channels, Facebook still remains as one of the most powerful tools to market your brand. But to make the most out of your Facebook page, you need to optimize it for better reach and traffic!

There are plenty of strategies that you can use on Facebook to grow your business and market your brand. To help you get a leg on your competition, we have listed out a few of them here:

1. Create a business page, not a personal one - It is not a mistake to create a personal page, however it is a huge disadvantage. You will miss out on the content creation, paid promotions and the various insights that come with the business page of Facebook. Not only will a personal page minimize the business potential, Facebook does not allow business posts on a personal page.

2. Optimize your photos - Pick a profile picture your audience will identify with and recognize - anything from your brand logo, a head-shot of yourself to any picture which directs towards your product. Keep in mind the dimensions allowed by Facebook (180 pixels*180 pixels), while choosing a photo.

Optimize your cover photo to generate leads, close a sale or engage your customer. Facebook's design allows a cover photo of the dimension 851*315 pixels. Make sure to have a photo which will attract your target audience's attention, which providing a responsive page!

3. Enhance the "About" section - About you - this is the first section people will go to when they arrive on your page. Be sure to optimize it with a crisp yet complete detail on what your business is about - a general description, mission statement, vision of your compxxxxxxxxany, and your story in brief.

You can also add "Milestones" to highlight the achievements of your company - award wins, product releases and other such accolades.

4. Choose a CTA button - Any engagement with a visitor is futile if there is no call to action. Facebook has a handy call-to-action button at the top of your page. You can choose from any of these - "Sign Up", "Book Now", "Watch Video" and so on. These buttons could link to your home page, landing page or any specific page you want to.

5. Create custom page tabs - Facebook lets you create tabs - which are like landing pages within your Facebook page. They are at the top of your page and lets visitors go to any page they are interested in.

6. Post Visual content - Visual content gets 40% lot more visibility than any other form of content. While photos have been a great way to attract visitors, videos are what that impresses most audiences. "Watch Video" is one of the CTAs that Facebook follows, because that is the best way to gain traffic. One other recent hit amongst the audience has been live video - go live and promote your brand across time zones!

7. Analyse your content - Facebook Page Insights provides you with a snapshot of how your content is trending - the page likes, post reach and the engagement of the post. Analyse these metrics or use many other tools like Mention BuzzSumo or SproutSocial present in the market today, to go over your content and make changes to your content strategy, if necessary. Make use of a content strategist to do a calendar that would work in your favour.

One of the most important thing to remember is to optimize whatever you post on Facebook to engage your visitors. Your social media strategy should actually matter to you and your business values and most importantly to your customers – and sit back and watch the wonders it does!


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