How effective are you as a leader?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

They say some of us are born leaders, I do not believe in that. its the being in you the social and mental push you have to excel makes you a perfect leader. In fact, today you can learn anything, including how to be a born leader :)

There are some common habits of successful people that make them LEAD even if they were not appointed for it so, right? Here are some points that you can use to have better leadership skills if you are still doubtful.

Honesty and empathy works, as always!

Encouraging your fellow members / employees and hearing them out makes you the leader nevertheless if you are the actual lead, what do we call it, you become their mentor. If democracy,is true you are the next leader, if fact you are already.


Giving honest feedback to employees received employee engagement scores averaging 25% while those in the top 10% for giving honest feedback had employees who ranked at 77% in engagement.

Get your team structure right and delegate

Sometime we feel better doing things out-selves right? It takes a lot to train someone and delegate your own work to them especially if it your own company. You are under-delegating, lacking the art of delegation. Convey your vision to your team, team building strategies, motivate the team and delegate the work you think each is capable of and interested in doing, train if you must and let it go.


Micro-management i.e. directing every little thing your subordinates do, stifles their creativity, morale, and overall performance. If you constantly look into every minute detail instead of the big picture, get involved in the work assigned to others, or discourage others from taking decisions.

Clarity in communication

You have the vision clear in your head, but do your team members have the same clarity? Leaders who are highly effective communicators to have 47% higher total returns to shareholders over a five-year span compared to firms with leaders who are the least effective communicators. The command and control approach to management is giving way to interactive communication and leadership is becoming more of a conversational role than dictatorial.

How to avoid leadership failure

Fostering a creative might sound secondary to your job, but it seems the most effective leadership skill and that which could possess is to help you tide through difficult situations is creativity, This has been revealed by many successful CEOs around the world. While successful people work hard to cultivate the habit of out-of-the-box thinking, it is also important to encourage your followers to do so. To boost intellectual stimulation, throw challenges to your team, let them take risks, and give them goals - but make sure the risks are calculated and the goals within their reach.

Be the role model

Practice what you preach. Proving your commitment to your company will not only earn you the respect of your team but will go a long way in building the same in them. Inspire innovate, and get the best of results out of your team.

Modest leaders not only get more commitment and respect from their team, they are also able to drive innovation, positive energy, and all-round development of those who work with them.

Learn from mistakes - both yours and the teams!

Making mistakes is inevitable but you could sure avoid some common ones with a little effort. Leadership is a two-way relationship. Know each of your team members strengths and weaknesses which you can apply to business.

Evolve constantly!

Given out your best to the team and also learn from them. While the above are common habits that most successful people share, remember the buck does not stop there - the key is to keep trying new things, new leadership styles, imbibe new leadership qualities, and redefine yourself every now and then.


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