Instagram for business networking, seriously!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Instagram is the most predominant photo sharing network with around 500 million daily active users. There are more than 2 million advertisers on the channel. When SnapChat took over the winning spot with stories, Instagram introduced Insta stories overtaking Snapchat in a short span of time. But Instagram’s is not just about teenage selfies fames… when leveraged right, Instagram can turn out to be a powerful networking tool.

Five ways to use Instagram for “business networking”!

Direct messages – DMs are popular for lead capturing through Insta. You can DM anyone complimenting their stories (usually the starting point of conversations / networking). Although, make sure you are not disturbing someone who does not want to be. Read influencers profiles carefully and see how we can make use of them through their account.

Hashtag right – The best way to be searched and found is through hashtags in any online medium today. Your hashtags will get you relevant followers and your content will reach the right people and the more you network you reach a larger audience. Search for a popular hashtag in your domain and you will be able to see the followers. Search for the most trending posts although related to your industry and company values. You can even use branded hashtags to connect with like-minded professionals.

Play tag – This works in all the channels. Tagging helps reach the target’s customers too that way a very huge audience. This tactic can make your content go viral! Reach more people and connect more with the right audience. Good for your content, good for your business. Share industry charts, data and memes / pictures and inspirational quotes.

AI Algorithm – Leverage the way it makes it easy for you to connect with the all your right people where they are and bring them to your notice, vice versa. Build relationships through Instagram is possible, definitely not as credibility as LinkedIn, yet you get to engage the audience with a personalized tough.

Building authentic relationships is the core of using Instagram for business networking. Need help taking your Instagram business to the next level? Talk to our experts today>>

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