Protect your brand online - Reputation Management in 2020

A few years ago, advertising on the internet was static. Brands could not voice out or express in a fluid manner. It was a passive audience the brand was speaking to. Today, it is a completely different scenario. It is a two way traffic where the audience interact with you and vice versa.

A positive brand image can influence a buyer's decision to become a customer. And in the internet age, this undoubtedly starts online! Building your brand's reputation is crucial to either making or breaking your business. Customers read online reviews before making a decision to buy a product. Unfavorable reputation can also adversely affect your brand and risk losing up to 22% of its customers. All this can be avoided by monitoring the reputation of your brand - this might seem to be a herculean task, but believe us , it is not! Here is a look into how you can manage your brand's reputation:

What is reputation management?

Reputation management refers to monitoring and managing how your brand is perceived by customers and take the necessary precautions to improve the reputation. In this digital age, it is understood that all this happens online - on social media sites and Google search rankings.

How effective is reputation?

Reputation management is just social media policing! Having a good idea of what is being said about you and how people are reacting to your posts will be a good start to gauge the impression you have on your potential customers. This will further help better your strategies and make a positive presence felt!

So what are the good reputation management strategies?

Here we have listed the most important list you should look out for:

1. Gain trust - A loyal customer is never lost! And will help in bringing in more customers. Make people respect your work and gain their trust, so you have a life long customer.This is a continuous process, which means you have to deliver what you promise every-time!

2. Be transparent - Being open comes with a price. However, if you are ready to accept feedback and work on them, being transparent can work wonders for you.

3. Monitor the comments - There are constant comments and questions on every social media platform. This is also a means of evaluation of how your brand responds and builds the reputation of your brand.

4. Be quick to react - Responding to any comment promptly is more important than a late reply with more information. A simple acknowledgement of the issue will keep up your brand's goodwill.

5. Address criticism - Any online portal will attract both positive and negative comments and feedback. It is much more important to address the negative feedback and encourage more opinions to work on the betterment of your brand.

We have saved the best for the last! The most important check point is to ask for help when required. If you feel your reputation management efforts are not paying the results you desire, Digilancerz is here to help you strategize. With our team of experts, we are sure to serve you best!

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