Upcoming Digital Trends of 2020 that nobody will tell you about

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We live in an age of digital Darwinism - a technological world, where marketing strategies change by the minute, consumer behaviour is no longer an educated guess and only the businesses which evolve their digital marketing now and then are the fittest to survive. Be it a new software update, a new tool which just came out which can revolutionize your marketing strategy or the new voice search option - you have to keep up with the change to beat the change and grow your business!

There is a lot of noise about what’s new and coming up, but here are a few upcoming trends which you need to know first-hand before the market finds out -

#1 Dominance of Artificial Intelligence:

AI is the biggest opportunity for businesses and is predicted to increase GDP up to 14% in less than 10 years. The plethora of advantages of using AI has reached but not limited to analysing consumer behaviour, search patterns and venturing into new businesses. Netflix, Superdry, Starbucks, Forbes Sephora and many other major brands are already using AI to improve their marketing efforts, while providing a seamless experience to their customers.

#2 Chatbots - the future of the chat windows:

80% of businesses will shift to real-time Chabots by the end of 2020. Automation of the chat services ensure prompt service, 24*7 service, instant responses and negligible errors.

#3 Convert using Video Marketing:

Live videos, 1:1 video, 360 degree video, Video SEO - these are the trends that are gaining traction and tend to stay in 2020.While 68% of the audience learn about a new product through videos, More than 35% have said to have made a purchase after a video promotion.

#4 Shift from Corporate to Influencer Marketing:

Influencers help amplify your brand image to a larger audience, whilst maintaining the authenticity of the brand. About 63% of the audience trust an influencer's opinion over the brand's promotions!

#5 Voice over text search:

The year 2020 is going to be dominated by voice - with more than 57% of the population using their voice devices to work for them! Be it a google search or shopping for your favourite shoes, voice command is the order of the day.

#6 SEO A/B Split Testing:

SEO A/B split testing helps narrows down the variables you need to optimize for your business to see the required results. A few apps on this front not only report the best performing keywords, but also suggest new keywords to increase traffic and hence the conversions.

#7 5G Technology:

5G will revolutionize the way content is accessed, not only for the digital marketers, but also for the average user. As Adage puts it - 5G might even disrupt the digital duopoly of Google and Facebook.

#8 Content is the Emperor!

Content marketing has always topped the list of marketing strategies and continues to remain as the most powerful and reliable source to build your brand, while costing you 62% less than the other forms of marketing and bringing in 3x as many conversions!

Things are moving fast! This is not the time to think and stand still - take the plunge, learn the new trends and act on them before your competitor does.

Don’t stay watching – get going! We ARE in the future already!

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