What do we do

Let us first tell you what we do not do. We do not do anything that does not come under the wide horizon of the digital environment. We survive on the internet; else we are a fish out of water! For everything else, we are right at the summit of anything you require online.

From website UI and UX, content and design creation, market research, lead generation, digital marketing consulting, strategies and analytics, email campaigns, search engine optimization and marketing, social media strategies and marketing, blog development and maintenance, content marketing to what not!

We provide standalone services (say, generate your target leads or strategize email campaigns), one-time services (say, develop your website or create designs for a promotion), regular services (say, maintain your blog or social media accounts) and complete marketing outsourcing services (we take care from the initial research and strategy part to the regular ongoing campaigns across channels).

Whatever it is, once you are a client of Digilancerz, we do our homework regularly, take our role seriously and put our heart and soul into it. What does it mean to your business? You will always have a bunch of digital geeks looking out for better ways to make your business stand out in the digital market.




Branding & Advertising

We take global and local brands to the “internet” , bring max awareness at the top of the funnel and showcase your brand with high recall! We understand the nature of your business, your target audience, where to find them and the best way to reach them and most of all, how to communicate with them. Awareness, visibility,  Brand image, recall, press releases, reviews and thought leadership articles!

  • Social media profile creations including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more

  • Lead capturing strategy for individual social media channels aligned to business needs

  • Networking to increase followers bringing visibility to the precise target audience

  • Content Calendar for each channel with thought leadership content that would establish domain expertise to the target audience    

  • Ongoing social media maintenance – contests, campaigns, polls, discussions and more

  • Social media paid campaigns, insights and analytics

  • Creation and maintenance of blog – user navigation, widgets, search engine optimization

  • Blog calendar with content strategy to display thought leadership and domain expertise


UX & Design Solutions

This is what makes or breaks a website today, alright if content is king, design is the queen! Our innovative productions come from our in-house team of straights and designers and tech team that happens to have the world's best developers.  That’s the advantage of having a handful of ‘digi’ lancers at your disposal.

  • New and refreshing design templates that are responsive across devices

  • SEO OnPage optimization including backend alignment and content optimization

  • Complete website content development or review with key branding messages

  • Website development on advanced platforms like Drupal to provide a user-friendly, flexible and secure CMS.

  • Social media integration and blog creationDigital marketing strategy


DIgital Marketing Solutions

At Digilancerz, we have both B2B as well as B2C clients and use the most up-to-date tools and techniques on a multitude of platforms to cater to their needs.

We customize our solutions to suit your business goals and strategize your digital presence aligned to your niche market and audience. We follow analytics and insights for feedback and keep amending our strategy in accordance to results.

  • Audience research and profiling of ideal customer persona / behaviour

  • Target database sourced on a regular basis for email campaigns

  • Campaign brainstorming and content and design creation

  • Use of latest tools to send campaigns reaching the audience at the right time with the right content

  • Lead generation stemming from campaign analytics, clicks and open rate, interested user demographics and many other parameters.

  • Blog analytics and feedback – visitor demographics and target audience measurement

Content Creation

This is our forte. Creating content that appeal to your audience as well as impress Google and other Search Engines. Not only SEO-friendly and algorithm compliant content developers and marketers for your business , but you will also find creative and useful (created and curated) content that make us a one stop place (the blog and social media) for your digital marketing updates, learning and more. 

  • SEO report on current website (if available) and suggestions to fix all hurdles to optimization present (IP, URL, XML Sitemap, etc.)

  • Keyword research and finalization based on competition and search volume

  • Sitemap structuring and URL mapping

  • Content optimization with keyword density and plagiarism checks

  • Ongoing Off-page SEO strategy to suit your business, including content development, say articles, infographics, pdfs and presentations for submissions

  • Create and curate content on an ongoing basis to maintain and increase traffic to website

  • Content marketing strategy through blog networking, commenting, social media groups, forums and answer engines


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We are a cloud based digital agency with experts from various parts of the world to serve you the best. 

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